How to Make a Chicken Stew

Stew is often made with beef, potatoes, and vegetables, but if you don’t like beef, you could always make it with chicken. By using chicken, you are cutting out red meat, saving a little bit of money on the poultry, and can even use some of your leftover chicken you happen to have from a previous meal.

Gather Your Ingredients

The first thing you need to do when making a chicken stew is make sure you have your ingredients all prepared. For a chicken stew, you want to start with chicken that has already been cooked. Thi sis why it is a good recipe to use when you have leftover chicken. If you don’t, you can either take the time to cook your chicken first, or you can get a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket and remove the chicken, then cut it up into bite-size pieces.

Aside from the chicken, you also want to have some veggies, including onion, carrots, celery, and tomatoes. A can of tomatoes is also fine to use. Tomato paste and chicken broth is needed, along with olive oil, thyme, kidney beans, basil, and any other seasonings you would like to use.

Do Your Prep Work

This is a good time to cook your chicken if you need to, or to chop up the cooked chicken into bite-size pieces. You will also want to cut up all your veggies before you get started on making the chicken stew. In your saucepan, use your oil to sautee your raw veggies first, including the onion, celery, and carrot.

Cooking the Stew

When it has cooked about 5 minutes, you can then start adding your seasonings, chicken, and liquid to the pot. Let the stew cook on the stovetop for about 25 minutes. An alternative option available is to make your stew in the slow cooker. If you choose this option, you don’t need to sautee the veggies first. Just throw all of the ingredients into the slow cooker and let it cook for several hours on low, or about 4 hours on high.

Serving the Stew

Chicken stew tastes great on its own as a light meal, or you can serve it with some crusty bread. Another option is to either buy dinner rolls or make your own rolls at home and serve those with the stew. Save the leftover stew and consider using it for a casserole.

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