Unusual Versions or Flavors for Homemade Ice Cream

ome ice cream stores may have 31 flavors, but there are many more available if you care to give them a try. What are some of the most unusual flavors of homemade ice cream you’ve ever tried? If you’re adventurous, you may want to see if one of these unusual ice cream flavors suits your taste buds.

Not everyone likes the same tastes and this is true when it comes to eating ice cream. One person may prefer simple vanilla. Others may like chocolate and someone else may eat only cookie dough. With all the possibilities of unusual ice cream flavors available, you could probably try a different flavor every day for at least half a year and there would still be some you hadn’t tried.

The fruit lover may want to try one of these tantalizing tastes:

Mango sorbet would be a welcome change-of-pace for someone who generally eats orange sherbet. If you still want a citrusy taste, why not add blood oranges or tangelos to the mix?

Raspberry gelato made especially for vegans is made without dairy products or an ice cream machine. Instead, you would take cashews and grind them finely and use maple sugar to sweeten the gelato. Freeze it in a metal pan.

Perhaps you like the flavor of coffee or tea. Try one of these unusual flavors:

Take your favorite flavored coffee that has been cooled. Add it to your plain ice cream base to get a coffee flavored ice cream.

Chai tea is enjoyed by many people. You can use cooled chai tea as a part of the base to get chai tea ice cream.

Chocolate is a common ice cream flavor. Why not add Nutella, which is a combination of hazel nut and cocoa instead? Add a little Guinness to your chocolate ice cream base for something that’s truly unique.

Corn on the cob ice cream may be something you’ve never tried before. Make a plain ice cream base and then liquefy the corn before it is added to the base. This will be a whole new way to enjoy corn!

Haggis is a traditional sausage. Someone has come up with an ice cream recipe using this unusual flavor. Many people won’t even try haggis, and it’s a good chance this may be one ice cream flavor that isn’t eaten by anyone except the die-hard haggis fan.

You may enjoy sweet potato pie at Thanksgiving. Why not give sweet potato ice cream a try. Whether you choose to pair them together is up to you, but it could be interesting.

There are so many different flavors of ice cream possible. In fact the only thing that that can limit the flavors you serve your family is your imagination. If you’re adventurous, take a look through magazines, cookbooks, on the internet or on television to find new unusual ice cream flavors.

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