Make Lettuce Last Longer

If you love salads, you probably have lettuce sitting in the refrigerator. It’s a water dense food so it can spoil quickly but I’ve found a useful tip that keeps lettuce fresh longer.

When you’re washing and preparing it, remove any of the white membranes that run down the middle of the leaf. That’s the most water dense part so it usually spoils here first, discolors and tends to spoil the rest of the lettuce at record speed. If you really enjoy eating it, serve it first and keep the greener pieces for future salads.

Remove the membrane that runs down the middle of the lettuce to keep it fresher longer.
Budget Bytes by Beth Moncel-A Cookbook Review

If there ever was a time to learn to cook budget meals, this is it.

Some of you might know I’ve run a site called Budget Smart Girl since 2005. Food has always been a popular topic, especially buying and eating healthy food on a budget.

A few years ago, a book called Budget Bytes came on my radar.

I was eager to try some of the recipes and bought a copy.

Some budget cookbooks have been a bit of a let down, either so-so dishes or recipes that despite being labeled budget friendly, are anything but. Budget Bytes was the exception.

It’s been given the honor of one of the cookbooks that’s housed in my kitchen (instead of my downstairs bookshelf). It’s one of my go-to picks for everyday foods.

I have to say I’ve already made at least 50% of the recipes and I can only think of one other cookbook I can make that claim.

Each recipe I’ve tried, from the parmesan biscuits to chorizo sweet potato enchiladas I’ve loved. None of the recipes are too complicated, yes, some you might need some basic cooking skills, but as with all recipes, read them through a couple of times so you increase your chances of a near perfect dish.

The ingredients are easy to source too and many of the ingredients you probably already have on your pantry shelf.

Beth also sells meal plans that you might want to check out at

This cookbook gets a five start review from me.

The Easy Way to Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs

I’d heard about this simple trick to make peeling hard-boiled eggs easy but never tried it until a few months ago and now I’ll never use any other method.

Simple steam the eggs instead of boiling them.

Not sure why it works but it makes the whole process simple.

When it comes to cooking short cuts, simple is what I like.

How about you, have you tried steaming eggs?

Love egg salad sandwiches but hate peeling eggs?
Cooking Tip-Pastry and Biscuit Shortcut

Have you ever thought about using a cheese grater when you make pastry or biscuits?

I’m one for shortcuts and saving time in the kitchen so one day I reached for the cheese grater when I needed to mix in butter into the flour when I use making biscuits.

The butter has to be cold and make sure you hold it using the butter wrapper so your hand doesn’t warm it too much as you grate.

It adds fine pieces of butter (or whatever other fat you’re using) to the flour so all you need to do is give it a simple stir to combine it and voila, you’re ready to add liquid to the mix.

Give it a try and I’d love to hear what you think.

Ever thought about using a cheese grater to combine butter with flour?